SimpleDiagrams 1.5

Small desktop application that helps you express your ideas quickly and simply
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Sometimes we need to communicate our ideas in a quick, informal manner. SimpleDiagrams is the electronic version of the proverbial paper napkin in which we used to scribble plans, diagrams and drawings. It has a very simple-to-use interface with basic controls that allows us to sketch hand-drawn style flowcharts, process descriptions and other elements by using either the freehand drawing tools or any of the libraries of predesigned forms. It is also possible to add text boxes by using the computer's keyboard, giving those elements more legibility. Also, we can add virtual index cards, Post-It notes and even photographs taken from our image collection. the resulting images can be exported to .PNG format. In short, this is a PowerPoint-type tool that adds an informal, relaxed style to our graphic communications.
The shareware version is fully featured, but it does not allows you to save your projects. Also, you need Adobe Air installed in your system to run Simple Diagrams properly. If you don't have it, the installation program will download and install it. With the full version, you can use additional libraries of predesigned images ready to use with the program, as well as the full range of fonts and other features.

Victor Hernandez
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